Unknown Police Shot Down A Man In Sindhi Muslim


Unknown Police shot down a man in Sindhi Muslim

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News - 11th july, 2016) : Sensing an odd dismantlement, unknown police opened fire on a car, killing one person and injuring the other, police said. Abrar was called by a man known as dil nawaz to saddar market in order to buy a cell phone of which abrar had given an online advertisement. but then dil nawaz suddenly tried to race away in his cr without the due payment, Superintendent Police (SP) Dr Saad Ahmed told Dawn. SP told that the car was labeled by a fake number plate and that Abrar chased Dil Nawaz's vehicle on foot and managed to get in the car.

"The two continued to fight in the car, eventually arriving at Sindhi Muslim where a police mobile was stationed. The policemen in the mobile, apparently sensing odd dismantlement, opened fire on the car, killing Abrar and injuring Nawaz," the SP said. But the SP Ahmed said that no police car was supposed to be stationed there and that its presence there is strange. However, the police is trying to track the suspected policemen and mobile.