The Citizen Arrested For Posting His Ex-wife's Objectionable Images


The citizen arrested for posting his ex-wife's objectionable images

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 9th july, 2016) : Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) called Raja Ubaidur Rehman back from Saudi Arabia through Interpol who issued questionable photos of her ex-wife through fake Facebook account. Rehman had supposedly uploaded objectionable pictures of his ex-wife on Facebook after creating her false ID. According to a report, a woman told FIA Cyber Crime Wing Lahore that they were divorced a year ago, after which Ubaidur Rehman released her offensive and obscene pictures after creating her fake account on Facebook in order to create obstacles in his second marriage before leaving for Saudi Arabia for work.

The FIA investigated the issue and established that the accusation against Rehman is true. Interpol arrested Rehman on FIA’s appeal, who was working in Saudi Arabia as driver and handed him over to it. The FIA charged Ubaidur Rehman under Section 36 of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance (privacy of information or illegal access to an information system). According to the Section 36, he may face imprisonment up to seven years if proved guilty.

Rehman has been sent to jail on judicial remand. FIA Lahore Cyber Crime Wing head Shahid Hasan said, “Although we have taken up the complaint of the woman in question, in the absence of relevant law the agency faces problems to get the suspect convicted”. At least 50 percent increase has been observed in Facebook related complaints filed in the FIA this year compared to 2015. Recently, according to new cyber crime bill, the federal government was agreed to give authority to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to halt the content on the internet and removal, decade after formation. Cyber Crime is empowering PTA under section 34 titled 'Online Information Management Authority' for testing information and prevent the information under any system or remove options are being authorized to PTA.

The citizen arrested for posting his ex-wife's objectionable images