US State Department Has Expelled Two Russian Diplomats


US State Department has expelled two Russian diplomats

Washington, (Pakistan Point News - 9th July, 2016) : The US State Department says it has expelled two Russian diplomats in response to last month's attack on the US consulate in Moscow. Spokesman John Kirby said the two officials were told to leave on 17 June, whom Names have not been disclosed. Kirby added more that prior that month, a Russian policeman assailed the US ambassador near the US embassy in Moscow. He said that the action was gratuitous.

Russia stated that the ambassador was serving the CIA and had repudiated to show identification papers. According to US officials, provocation adjacent to US ambassadors by Russian security and intelligence services was on the rise. The newspaper reported, some ambassadors claimed trespassers had wrecked into their houses at night to reorganize furniture, turn on lights and even excrete on a carpet in the living room, quoting officials as saying Russian intelligence officers once broke into the US defense ambassador’s Moscow house and killed his dog. Russia has denied the accusation. John Kirby said while quoting Russian security officials are trying to harass American ambassadors and diplomatic interference in American affairs. He said Moscow would stop harassing American ambassadors and refused to elaborate on the status of the affected US ambassadors.