Germany Arrests Pakistani Citizen Accused Of Spying For Iran


Germany arrests Pakistani citizen accused of spying for Iran

Berlin, (Pakistan Point News - 9th july, 2016) : German authorities arrested a Pakistani man on charges of spying for Iran. According to news agency Associated Press (AP)’s report that Germany's Federal Prosecutor was arrested Mustafa Hussein, aged 31, from the northern city of Bremen spying for Iran. He said that Hussein Mustafa was spying on the former head of Germany-Israel society for improving relationship. According to the Federal Prosecutor Mustafa was in contact with Iranian intelligence unit and while spying on the former German-Israel Society provided information to Iran in October.

According to the reports by the time, court has issued an interim order of the arrest of Mustafa until the charges of spying for Iran court has not been formally indicted them. The former head of the German-Israel Society, Reinhold Robbe, told the Bild newspaper that he was not surprised by the alleged espionage and he ‘will not be intimidated’.