Famous Social Worker Abdul Sattar Edhi Passed Away


Famous social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News – 9th July, 2016) : At the age of 92, famous social worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away after long illness. After he had dialyses at 3 O’clock in the afternoon, his condition gone severe and he was transferred to ventilator due to trouble in breathing. He had diabetes and his kidneys failed earlier in 25th June, 2013. He was serving the humanity from last 60 years and was the most kind and pious person among others. Faisal Edhi, his son, said while taking to the media, he was suffering from more than 1 diseases. He donated his eyes before death because other body organs are not functional due to his diseases. His funeral will be performed at Memon Mosque, Karachi after the Zuhar prayer and will be buried in Edhi village. In his life, he had prepared his grave 25 years ago in Edhi village.