Facts About Croatia As Country Votes

Facts about Croatia as country votes

ZAGREB, (Pakistan Point News - APP -9th Sept,2016) - Croatia holds its second parliamentary election in less than a year on Sunday, with the outcome difficult to predict in the European Union's newest member. Here are key facts about the country of 4.2 million people: - Political deadlock - ====================== The two main parties vying for power in Croatia are the conservative HDZ and the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDP). The HDZ was set up as a dissident pro-independence party while Croatia was still part of communist Yugoslavia.

Its founder Franjo Tudjman became Croatia's first president just before its 1991-1995 war for independence against Belgrade-backed Serbs. The SDP is the successor of the League of Communists of Croatia, and the rival parties still trade blows over their historical allegiances. Croatia's most recent election last November produced no clear winner and was followed by weeks of horse-trading, resulting in a fragile coalition led by technocrat premier Timohir Oreskovic. His government, which fell in June over a conflict of interest scandal, was criticised for fostering a shift to the far-right, a growing climate of intolerance and worsening relations with former foe Serbia.