Anjuman Talba Islam Demands Govt To Lift Of Ban On Student Unions

Anjuman Talba Islam demands govt to lift of ban on Student Unions

Anjuman Talba Islam (ATI) has demanded of the government to lift ban on Students Unions, which it believes would pave way for democracy in the educational institutes

ISLAMABAD,(Pakistan Point News - 09th Feb, 2018 ) : Anjuman Talba islam (ATI) has demanded of the government to lift ban on Students Unions, which it believes would pave way for democracy in the educational institutes. The ATI observed February 09 as a ‘Black Day’ and staged countrywide protest demonstrations against the ban imposed on Students Union on the same date in 1984 by the then military ruler General Zia ul Haq. Hundreds of students from various colleges, varsities and local areas of the city holding placards and banners participated in the rally.

The rally was started from Post Graduate collage H8 Islamabad and end at Federal urdu University Islamabad. Speaking on the occasion, President ATI Pakistan Nauman-ul-Jabbar said the 9th of February is a day of grave embarrassment for the stakeholders of democratic values in Pakistan when the rights of students were infringed upon by the unscrupulous authorities. On this day in 1984, General Zia ul Haq imposed a ban on student unions in all colleges throughout the country.

He added. The student union on campus is essentially a public forum Let us lay the foundation of our democracy on the basis of truly Islamic ideas. Our political elite is glad to see the masses feeding on the glamorous media statements and distorted histories or wallowing in the valley of illusions and false promises. Our political elite don’t want people, especially students, to be reinvigorated with fresh ideas, inquisitiveness and social activism.

Benazir Bhutto tried to revive unions, but her efforts were short-lived. The concerned authorities do not want students to realize their potential to emerge as political leaders with futuristic vision and unconditional dedication to serve the country. The unions used to be training grounds for students to become politically mature, proactive and responsible members of society. Society can function perfectly well if its citizens hold multiple identities, but problems arise when those sub-national identities arouse loyalties that override loyalty to the nation as a whole.

Whatever the cause, the effect of this unconstitutional and undemocratic decision subtly thrust this nation into nerve shattering and prolonged suffering for 37 years thereby slowly allowing the poison of undemocratic tendencies to creep into our rotting political system While addressing to the demonstrators former Spokesperson ATI Syed Waqar Ali said, the rise of ethnic/linguistic/sectarian narrative has been infringing upon our academic arena for past few years.

If they do not know much or are not politically mature enough to make an informed choice, they will opt for the layman’s idea of ‘my group,’ which is probably one of the worst things for a democracy. Vice President ATI Raja Mansoor said the irreparable damage to students’ democratic outlook was ban on student elections which led to elimination of the idea of responsible governance from the minds of our youth. Nazim Islamabad Sibtain Alam Gujjer said absence of chances for students to attain political maturity has left void in the system. Unfortunately, our political leadership seems desensitized to predicament of students and sense of purposelessness taking roots in educational institutions.