SAU Holds Workshop For Gardeners, Nursery Managers

SAU holds workshop for gardeners, nursery managers

KHAIRPUR, (Pakistan Point News - APP -7th Sept,2016) : Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam has launched three-day workshop for gardeners and nursery managers in collaboration with the Higher education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The subject was "Indigenous on-gardening", which attracted 35 participants, dealing with nursery management in the university. Indigenous gardeners, associated with the university attended to have modern knowledge in the fields of developing gardens of flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Prof Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, leading the capacity building programme in the university, gave introductory remarks at the opening ceremony of the workshop. He urged upon learning cadre to take interest, as this training not only will improve their skill but this certificate, they get will also benefit after their retirement. This will help you to have alternate source of income when you leave the university after retirement, he informed the learners.

"This learning will guide you to improve your knowledge about land management, watering system and taking care of seasonal fruits, vegetables, tree plants and flowers in the university. After retirement some of you may get jobs at private firms on the basis of this new skill and learning," he said. "This will also motivate you to develop kitchen gardening at your own homes to face the price hike and enjoy fresh products," Prof Kumbhar said.

Giving his motivational guidance, Prof Ismail Kumbhar said presently even rose cultivation is major source of earning for the people in neighborhood of the university and these gardeners may learn from them. There is need of dried rose petals in the market, locally and abroad. Gulab perfumes have potential markets here and these gardeners will have more knowledge to make the university environment green and more colorful. This rose gardening may help to improve source of income for learners. Prof Dr M Ayoub Baloch during the first session lauded the knowledge of indigenous gardeners and importance of the training. He said that this initiative will benefit them for developing their own kitchen gardens at homes and neighborhoods.