PM Addressing To The Public Of Chitral


PM Addressing to the public of Chitral

Chitral, (Pakistan Point News – 7th September, 2016) : Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif arrived at the public gathering in Chitral after laid the foundation of various development projects. PM said while addressing to the public of Chitral, I am very delighted to be here in Chitral. I was PM when I came here last; I am PM today when I get back here. I am glad that people are beginning to understand urdu in Chitral. He added that he have come to give good news to the people.

Prime Minister announced to install new power transmission lines. PM said that new transmission lines of 125 KVA will be installed from Golangol to Chitral which will provide electricity to at least 100 villages of Chitral. He also announced a 250-bed hospital project in Chitral. PM announced while addressing to build a university in Chitral. He said that there will be many universities here in future. He announced that Lowari Tunnel will be operational by the end of 2017.

PM said while criticizing opposition that people came here to ask for vote and it’s not the time to ask for vote. Such people were answered strictly by the people of Karachi yesterday. We will cooperate if someone wants to. Opposition gave hostile statements daily but we will never leave Chitral’s public alone. PM Nawaz said that it’s his dream that everyone will work together for the betterment and progress of the Pakistan. He added more that he is here to see Lowari Tunnel only. 27 billion rupees have been spent on the Lowari Tunnel construction. We have spent 10 billion on the project over the government. PM said that I prayed, Allah guide such people so that they could be part of the development of the nation.