Female Passenger Had Fight With Air Hostess, Flight Delayed For 4 Hours


Female passenger had fight with air hostess, flight delayed for 4 hours

Multan, (Pakistan Point News - 4th july, 2016) : Flight PK 5801 from Muscat to Karachi and then Multan was delayed due to a female passenger fighting with air hostess because AC of the aircraft was not turned on. Female passenger tried to record a video clip of the aircraft with AC not working but air hostess warn her not to do so and their argument convert into a fight. After landing in Multan, on the request of Captain, ASF authorities arrested the female passenger with her children inside the aircraft. Captain along with his crew left the plane and went to police station when ASF and FIA authorities did not list any charges against woman. On the other side, lady also reported charges against plane’s crew for harassing her. Pilot agreed to fly the plane again on the assurance of filing the case and after 4 hours, delayed flight started its journey again.