Pakistan Will Oppose India's Stoke Piling Of Weapons, Sirtaj Aziz Stated.


Pakistan will oppose India's stoke piling of weapons, Sirtaj Aziz stated.

Islamabad, (Pakistan Point News – 2nd july, 2016) : in-charge of Foreign Affairs, Sirtaj Aziz exclaimed that if India continue on piling weapons, Pakistan will no more remain tolerant. Pak-US relations are suffering through some argument and differences they are not strained. While taking to a foreign news agency, he said that during last three years Pakistan’s armed forces achieved significant success against terrorism. We should keep on raging the war against terrorism invariantly. Pakistan’s army indiscriminately started operation against terrorism which has long lasting effects on our country. He added that Pak-US relations were struggling through a phase of differences but not of conflict and that was not a big issue. Pakistan will oppose India’s stoke piling of nuclear weapons and if India keeps on piling these weapons Pakistan will not remain tolerant.