VIP Protocol: Dr. Uzma Accused Maryam Nawaz's Protocol For Misbehaving,

Maryam Nawaz Was In Islamabad, PML-n Exclaimed.


VIP Protocol: Dr. Uzma accused Maryam Nawaz's protocol for misbehaving,
Maryam Nawaz was in islamabad, PML-n exclaimed.

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News - 2nd july, 2016) : The VIP culture has been jeopardising a number of lives of common man living in Pakistan, many accidents and loss of precious lives took place while the VIP's were being protected. The recent incident that came into the spot light occured on friday, when one of the official protocol vehicles forcefully stopped and striked imran khan's sister Dr. Uzma Khan's vehicle. Talking to media, she professed that the VIP protocol belonged to maryam Nwaz Sharif while on the other hand PML-n officials convened her statement by saying that maryam nawaz Sharrif was not even in the Lahore at the time of incident.

Maryam nawaz justified herself by saying that she was in islamabad and arrived to lahore at 4:30 p.m just after the incident took place.

. The PTI chairman, who is currently in Karachi, also reacted to the incident, demanding to know why the common man was being treated like this for the prime minister's daughter. But the story took a different turn in the evening when asim gujjar, outside whose residence the incident took place revealed that the suspected protocol actually belonged to Sardar Yaqoub, president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir who came to asim gujjar for her mother's condolence.

He told media that Dr, Uzma was immediately appolojised by him with a guarantee of compensating all the damages and that his son accompanied her to his door to see her off. Police sources said Dr Uzma was misguided about the motorcade belonging to Maryam Nawaz Sharif. He said that it has become a ritual of PTI to blame PML-n over any incident took place, without any authentic proof. he also said that it is now Dr. Uzma's responsibilty to appologise Maryam Nawaz for putting up false accusation over her