World's Oldest Model Proved Age Can Never Become Obstacle Fulfilling Dreams


World's oldest model proved age can never become obstacle fulfilling dreams

New York, (Pakistan Point News – 30th August, 2016) : World’s oldest model proved that age is just a number. America’s iconic model, 85-year-old, Carmen Dell'orefice proved that age can never become an obstacle in fulfillment of dreams. She has been in the modeling industry since she was of age 13. She started her lavishing career just after World War II. In fashion industry, she is considered as a seasoned vet. She said that she was a part of that time when American designers couldn’t easily access European couture because of WWII; they started to make their own couture style apparels.

She considers her age and experience as an asset which she wants to utilize for the growth of fashion industry. She booked enormous magazine covers in the last 15 years than she ever did before. She hopes to help women to come out of the closet about aging and live their lives. According to Carmen, we all must get old and have to die after a certain age. This is how we have to go through the journey of life. Carmen Dell'orefice said while explaining her personality and looks in an interview, “I have finally hit a point in my life where I have a look that is uniquely mine. Time defines me. I lived it, I own it and I present it.”