Mosques And Churches Banned In Lagos To Minimize Noise Pollution


Mosques and Churches banned in Lagos to minimize noise pollution

Lagos, (Pakistan Point News - 1st july, 2016) : Government shut down dozens of mosques, churches and hotels in Lagos, the main hub of Nigeria, to eliminate sound pollution from the country. The city has two billion populations and is defamed as the noisiest city of the world, where mosques and churches use loud speakers for announcements. Female official of Environmental Protection Agency of state Lagos told AFP that they had shut down 70 churches, 20 mosques, 11 hotels and many other clubs and bars serving alcohol.

She added that state gave notice to these mosques and churches to turn their speakers down to participate in environment protection but they refused to do so that is why government too serious measure and forcefully sealed these buildings in accordance to the orders of Adeebullah Shahi, head of the agency. Official said that they were very hopeful to eliminate sound pollution from the country by 2020.