Federal Govt Notifies Increase In Salaries, Pensions Of Employees


Federal govt notifies increase in salaries, pensions of employees

The adhoc relief allowance has been increased for the employees of grade-16 by 25 per cent while for Grade 17 to Grade-22 by 25 per cent.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 10th, 2024) The Federal government on Wednesday issued notification regarding increase in the salaries and pensions of the employees as proposed in the recently approved budget for Fiscal Year 2024-25.

The Finance Division issued the notification.

The adhoc relief allowance for government employees up to grade-16 was increased by 25 percent as per the notification.

The adhoc reief allowance was increased by 20 per cent for the officials from Grade-17 to Grade-22.

Besides it, the Finance Division also issued notification for 15 per cent increase in the pension of the federal employees.

“The President has sanctioned an Adhoc Relief Allowance 2024 to all federal government employees, including armed forces personnel, civil armed forces, and civil employees of the federal government, as well as civilians paid from defense estimates, including contingent paid staff and contract employees employed against civil posts on standard terms and conditions of contract appointment,” read the notification.

The adhoc relief allowance would be subject to income tax.

The employees would receive the allowance during regular leave and pre-retirement leave but would not be able to avail it during extraordinary leave.

The allowance would not be included in the calculation of pension, gratuity, and house rent.

Besides it, the allowance would not be provided to employees during deputation abroad.

However, upon their return and reappointment to their respective departments, they would resume receiving it.

Abdullah Hussain

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