Chopping Off Camel’s Leg: Case Registered Against Unknown Men Instead Of Suspect Landlord


Chopping off camel’s leg: Case registered against unknown men instead of suspect landlord

The latest reports say that Sanghar police have registered a case against the unknown men instead of the landlord allegedly involved in chopping off leg of a man’s camel.

SANGHAR: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 15th, 2024) Sanghar police filed a case against unidentified individuals at the Mangli police station, bypassing the influential landlord accused of severing a camel's leg.

The incident occurred in the Mandh Jamrao area of Sanghar. According to reports, an enraged landlord, furious when a camel wandered into his agricultural land, captured the animal with the help of his employees and amputated its leg with a sharp instrument, leaving it severely injured.

The camel's owner, Somar Bhan, took the severed leg to the Sanghar Press Club to protest, alleging that the ruthless landlord had mutilated the camel simply for crossing his land.

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori responded to the incident by taking notice and ordering the immediate arrest of the actual perpetrators and the filing of appropriate charges against them.

Governor Tessori also announced his intention to provide two camels to the affected owner as compensation.

The owner's protest brought the issue to media attention.

Under media pressure, Sanghar police registered a case against unknown persons instead of the influential landlord.

Earlier, the videos showing the injured camel with a deep wound on its leg surfaced on social media, highlighting the severity of the incident.

Abdullah Hussain

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