Sindh Govt Presents Budget Worth 3.056tr For FY 2024-25



Sindh govt presents budget worth 3.056tr for FY 2024-25

Government employees' salaries will increase by up to 30%, with no new taxes introduced.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 14th, 2024) Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah presented the budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 on Friday.

Speaker Awais Qadir Shah presided over the session where the CM revealed a total budget outlay of Rs3.056 trillion. Chief Justice Syed Murad Ali Shah delivered English speech despite opposition demands for speech in urdu regarding presentation of budget.

The budget primarily aims to provide relief to flood-affected communities and enhance social protection.

Salary and Pension Increases

Government employees' salaries will increase by up to 30%, with no new taxes introduced. The minimum salary is set at Rs37,000. Pensions will rise by 15%, with proposed minimum wages aligned with Federal and Punjab standards.

The education sector is allocated Rs519 billion, while the health sector receives Rs334 billion, reflecting a significant increase in funding.

Major universities in the province will receive Rs35 billion in grants.

A sum of Rs334 billion is designated for foreign project assistance.

The local government is allocated Rs329 billion, and the interior department receives Rs194 billion.

Public sector development projects are allocated Rs959 billion, including Rs12 billion for Karachi mega schemes.

The government began constructing houses for flood victims in 2023, with 7,700 houses financed through the private sector and a total target of 2.1 million homes.

Proposals include a fixed car transfer fee of Rs5,000 and an increase in professional tax from Rs500 to Rs2,000.

The Sindh Cabinet approved the budget proposals before presentation. Energy Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah highlighted that the PPP government aims to provide relief to the salaried class and the poor, with a focus on water and low-cost electricity.

The government plans to purchase fewer vehicles, adopt austerity measures in procurement, and promote video conferencing to reduce official travel expenses.

Last year's budget was Rs2.25 trillion, with a significant increase in salaries and development expenses of Rs700 billion, accounting for 31% of the outlay.

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