The Decision Of The Ministry Of Interior Not To Provide Passports To Those Who Seek Asylum Abroad In The Name Of Political Asylum And Declare The Country As A Security Risk Is Welcome. Khawaja Rameez Hasan

The decision of the Ministry of Interior not to provide passports to those who seek asylum abroad in the name of political asylum and declare the country as a security risk is welcome.  Khawaja Rameez Hasan

If a citizen prefers to make other countries a home for personal interests by declaring the country and state as security threats and risks, then morally they should not have any right of return. Information Secretary Q-League Central Punjab

Lahore (Pakistan Point News - 11th May, 2024) Leader of Muslim League-Q, Khawaja Rameez Hasan, said in a press release that the Ministry of Interior has made an excellent notification. He said that they have made the best decision not to provide Pakistani passports to political asylum seekers for personal gain by defaming their own country and state in the name of security threats.
The main instruments in the Fifth Generation Hybrid War are these political asylum holders who are engaged in propaganda against their state and state institutions in order to please foreign powers and obtain citizenship. He said that digital terrorism is an ugly strategy of the present day which sows the seeds of hatred and poison against the common and innocent people who are brainwashed to achieve personal goals.