UHS Bars Medical Colleges From Imposing Fines On Students


UHS bars medical colleges from Imposing fines on students

The medical students are permitted 18 holidays per year, and if the students exceed this limit, they are required to attend additional classes to make up for lost time as per the new policy.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 29th, 2024) In a significant policy shift, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) announced new regulations to govern the operations of medical colleges within the province.

The university barred these institutions from levying fines on students without prior authorization from UHS.

During the 37th meeting of the UHS Academic Council, chaired by Vice-Chancellor Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore, numerous resolutions were passed to promote a fair educational environment.

The meeting was attended by heads of affiliated medical colleges and other educational institutions.

Medical colleges are now barred from imposing fines on students without UHS approval.

This measure aims to eliminate the financial burden on students and their families caused by fines for minor infractions.

All medical colleges, both public and private, must comply with UHS policies. Clear guidelines regarding student discipline and attendance will be included in college prospectuses.

Students are permitted 18 holidays per year. If students exceed this limit, they are required to attend additional classes to make up for lost time.

Quarterly parent-teacher meetings have been mandated to improve communication and promptly address student issues.

Private medical colleges are directed to implement scholarship programs for financially needy students. UHS will have a representative on scholarship committees to ensure transparency.

In alignment with PMDC policy, private medical colleges must provide free beds in their hospitals and establish agreements with nearby government hospitals to manage patient overflow effectively.

UHS plans to launch a summer school to train medical students in various techniques during the summer holidays.

Professor Rathore urged colleges to reduce their reliance on student clerks for administrative tasks and to engage faculty members in addressing student concerns. Furthermore, any disciplinary actions, such as suspension or expulsion, require prior UHS approval.

The council also appointed Dr. Huma Saeed Khan, Head of the Physiology Department, as a new member of the Advanced Studies and Research board.

Additionally, new curricula for MS Vitreo-Retinal Ophthalmology and revised curricula for MS Neurosurgery were approved. UHS has also mandated a minimum attendance requirement of 85% for certificate and diploma programs to align them with degree programs.

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