Lily Greenberg Of Biden Administration Resigns Over US Stance On Gaza War


Lily Greenberg of Biden administration resigns over US stance on Gaza war

Lily Greenberg is a senior officer of the Biden administration who has resigned as a protest, saying that her conscious does not allow to continue her work in future.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 16th, 2024) Another high-ranking member of the Biden administration has resigned in protest against the United States' stance on Israel amidst the ongoing persecution of Palestinians.

The resignation comes amidst escalating violence in Gaza, with reports indicating over 35,000 Palestinian casualties, including a significant number of children and women.

The continuous atrocities committed by Israel against innocent Palestinians, coupled with extensive American support, have sparked dissent within the Biden administration.

Lily Greenberg, the Deputy Chief of Staff at the US Department of Homeland Security, tendered her resignation during a protest against American policies regarding Gaza.

In her resignation letter, Greenberg emphasized that her conscience compelled her to step down. She also criticized President Joe Biden's remarks suggesting that Israel's existence ensures the safety of Jews worldwide, condemning it as misguided.

Abdullah Hussain

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