Health Authorities Asked For Action Against Alleged Illegal Tenders At Services Hospital


Health authorities asked for action against alleged illegal tenders at Services Hospital

Services Hospital MS Dr. Mudabbir says he will get the matter investigated and transparency would be ensured in the upcoming tenders.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 3rd, 2024) The Punjab health authorities were approached against alleged illegal tender awards worth billions of rupees at Services Hospital in Lahore, the sources said that Friday.

They said that the matter involved a huge amount of worth Rs3.7 billion as the tenders were illegally passed to make money.

“It continued to happen at the Services Hospital for last seven years,” said the sources.

Saeed Anwar, the sources said, brought this matter to the limelight as he moved a 26-page application to the Specialized Healthcare Department in this regard.

He pointed out that Afzal Masih, an owner of a distribution company, was involved in this matter as he secured tenders through collaboration with certain individuals. The complaint further revealed that Masih, who worked as a wire repairer for a private company associated with Services Hospital, played an important role in these irregularities.

In his complaint, they said, that he highlighted the instances such as the inclusion of a digital thoracic drain system worth Rs250 million in the 2017-18 tender. Additionally, allegations include the incorporation of 50 crash cart trolleys in the 2018-19 tender and 50 nebulizer machines in the 2019-20 tender, at inflated costs compared to market rates.

The complaint also brought attention to anomalies such as the inclusion of a syringe pump and Lengroscope steel set in the surgical disposable tender for the year 2021-22.

The sources said that Masih had connections, and he managed audits for all the aforementioned contracts.

In response, Anwar urged the relevant authorities to blacklist the implicated company and take stringent action against Masih for his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

Services Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Mudabbir, making comment on the issue, stated that he obtained all tender records via WhatsApp and thoroughly reviewed the details.

He assured that despite his recent appointment, investigations into the matter would be initiated promptly. Dr. Mudabbir further assured that upcoming tenders would uphold complete transparency.

Abdullah Hussain

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