Punjab Govt Started Implementing Environment-friendly Grand Plan Before Earth Day: Claims CM Maryam


 Punjab govt started implementing environment-friendly grand plan before Earth Day: Claims CM Maryam

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz says they have launched ‘no to plastic’ campaign in connection earlier in the day.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 22nd, 2024) Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz said that the Punjab government started implementing an Environment-Friendly Grand Plan before the 'Earth Day'.

“Earth Day is being celebrated in Punjab at divisional and district levels,” said Punjab CM Maryam in a statement in connection with Earth Day on Monday (today).

The CM said that they launched ‘no to plastic’ campaign in connection earlier in the day.

She said, “The use of plastic bags will be banned across Punjab from June 5. 'No to plastic' messages are being released on Earth Day, and a special campaign has been launched on the national and social media in this regard,”.

The CM also appealed to the people including the shopkeepers, shopping malls, restaurants, and ovens to support the campaign of not using plastic bags, to improve human health and to contribute to the elimination of smog.

She asked the people not to use plastic bags and other plastic items, especially food and drinking utensils in homes.

The CM also requested the citizens and media to highlight the important issue of the protection of environment and human health, and help make this campaign successful.

She highlighted that the special lectures and training workshops are being organized for the students and educational institutions for environmental improvement on Earth Day, besides the inclusion of relevant subjects in the curriculum.

“We have started implementing historic measures to make Punjab greener, free from smog and toxic fumes, in order to improve human health and overall living conditions,” said CM Maryam.

She went on to say that Earth is home to humans and animals in the universe. Therefore, she said, everyone must work together to protect and improve its environment.

The Punjab CM said that global warming, increase in toxic gasses and other pollutants, deforestation and land erosion are major threats to the planet.

'Earth Day' is a day to raise awareness that if earth is destroyed, neither man nor anything else will survive.” She highlighted,” Every citizen can extend the life of earth by planting a tree, and not using shopping bags.”

The CM also stated that the toxic smoke produced by burning plastic bags and other items is spreading cancer and other diseases. Industrial toxins are poisoning our water, causing stomach, liver and kidney diseases.

She added that improving the environment like new hospitals and treatment facilities, and the largest plantation drive in Punjab's history are part of the Government's efforts to protect and improve human health and life.

Maryam said that on 'Earth Day', the most historic eco-friendly initiatives in the history of Punjab were launched.

“Using electric buses, eco-friendly fuel, modern technology and machinery will solve environmental problems,” she added.

Abdullah Hussain

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