Values Of International Parliamentary Work Are Based On Dialogue, Resolving Differences: Ali Al Nuaimi

Values of international parliamentary work are based on dialogue, resolving differences: Ali Al Nuaimi

LUANDA, (Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2023) Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the UAE Parliamentary Division in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), stated that the United Arab Emirates is a homeland of love, peace, coexistence, and positive partnerships.

In a speech in the 147th Assembly of the IPU, Al Nuaimi said, "In our beloved UAE, we firmly believe that peace is the key to prosperity for all. We are well aware that conflicts and crises never lead to true victories; ultimately, everyone loses. That's why I earnestly implore you to join us in rising above our differences. Let's always be a part of the solution, acting as unifying forces instead of dividers. We are currently facing multiple crises, including the ongoing crises in Gaza and Ukraine, among others,"

He underlined, “Our presence here is to establish our collective stance, recognising our responsibility to prevent bloodshed and champion justice and equality. We are also committed to forging a brighter future for the generations to come, a future founded on harmonious coexistence. In light of recent events, we have witnessed the manipulation of divisive and hateful rhetoric, with religion being misused to create discord and fragmentation. This kind of discourse, once disseminated, takes years, if not decades, to heal. Thus, let us keep the next generation in mind, pondering what legacy we leave to them and what we pass on to them. We bear the responsibility of being peacemakers.”

He emphasised that IPU members who have accepted its values, principles, and basic system should commit to them.

Dr. Al Nuaimi added, "We are now witnessing speeches that do not align with the United Nations Charter, the Charter of Human Rights, or international humanitarian law, and they also do not align with the Inter-Parliamentary Union's charter. We must think as a family and take responsibility as one team. We must return to our people and to the world with a message that we raise the flag of peace, desiring security, stability, and prosperity for all without exception."