Tracking & Monitoring System Planned For Peshawar To Curb Target Killing, Vehicle Stealing

Tracking & monitoring system planned for Peshawar to curb target killing, vehicle stealing

PESHAWAR, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 18th August, 2016) : District government of Peshawar has approved a plan of installing a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and monitoring system in the city to restrain incidents of terrorism, especially use of motorbikes in target killings, and lifting of vehicles. The plan is in preliminary stage and it would be implemented in Peshawar as a pilot project and later it will be replicated to other cities, informed Syed Qasim Ali Shah, Naib Nazim Peshawar.

Talking to APP, Syed Qasim Ali Shah said under the plan, all the vehicles including motor cars, motorbikes, tri-wheelers and buses would be brought under a round the clock monitoring system through installations of terminals and different locations and affixing of electronic tags. The district government of Peshawar will implement the plan with the cooperation of Traffic, Police and Excise & Taxation department, he added. This is a public-private partnership based programme and its implementation expenditure would be incurred by the company, he explains.

While the company will recover its investment with profit by collecting system installation charges and its annual renewal fees from all the vehicles plying on various roads of the city. The system will help terminate use of motor cycles in target killing and incidents of terrorism, he hoped. Naib Nazim said presently, the district government has sought comments from its legal section after which the tracking and monitoring system would be installed in the city.

About 122 terminals would be installed in Peshawar to monitor movement of vehicles round the clock, informs Asim Hayat, consultant Entori Database System Designer, the architect of the project. All the vehicle owners who reside in Peshawar will be asked to get themselves registered with the system through a small process of just calling the helpline of the company. It will be made mandatory for vehicle owners to comply with the instructions of affixing tag and traffic police would be asked to cooperate in implementation of the plan, he elaborates.

After installation of electronic tag, monitoring of vehicles will start and in case of misuse of any vehicle or stealing case, it will be easy to find the location of the car or motor cycle within no time, Asim continued. It will take around 120 days to install the system in Peshawar after getting green signal by the government, he claimed. He also informed that his company has offered for providing the service in the whole of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but it was decided to initially launch the system in Peshawar as a `Pilot Project'.

Asim said there are around 1.5 to two million vehicles in Peshawar and all will come under monitoring and tracking system. This is a cheap, almost free of cost system ensuring full security of citizens by curbing misuse of vehicles in terrorism related incidents, remarked Dr. Ali Haider, Member Town III of District Government Peshawar. Dr. Ali Haider said the company will charge only Rs. 200 per vehicle per year.This is a first ever initiative in Pakistan that a whole city would be brought under a monitoring system working round the clock, he claimed.

The system, he continued, is a foolproof and cannot be made dysfunctional like tracking devices installed in vehicles by changing its configuration or attaching magnet with them. Dr. Ali Haider said the project will cost around Rs. 100 to 120 million and all the investment will be made by company. The project, he continued, will also generate around 1500 jobs for the youth. For implementation, he continued, training would be imparted to Traffic and Police officials who will be provided with special tabs to check details of vehicles on the spot with easy commands.