World Needs To Take Notice Of Modi's Remarks On Baluchistan: Sehar Kamran

World needs to take notice of Modi's remarks on Baluchistan: Sehar Kamran

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - 18th August, 2016) : President Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) Senator Sehar Kamran has slammed the Indian Prime Ministers' remarks on Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir during the Indian Independence Day speech. Senator Sehar Kamran said the Indian Premiere's speech was once again a direct assault on Pakistan's internal matters and a new low in the series of open threats against Pakistan's territorial integrity and sovereignty made by Indian officials and their PM since assuming office.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, she said Modi's speech validates Pakistan's age old claims and concerns of active Indian involvement inside Pakistan's territory,especially Baluchistan. She said the world needs to take note of the continuous breach of international law by its neighbouring state, as was brought to the limelight the arrest of the Indian naval officer on a spy mission in Baluchistan. Senator Kamran said the language used by the Indian PM was hardly one befitting a country which claims to be qualified for a UNSC seat or the Nuclear Supplier Group membership.

She said the world has witnessed some of its worst human rights abuses at hands of the Indian State and its forces over the past seven decades, not only in Kashmir but also against Naga movement, the Naxalite and the Maoist movement as well. It must be understood that the global discriminatory narrative or practice of belittling genuine and now proven concerns of Pakistan regarding its neighbour's ill intentions will only lead to further regional instability and the disruption of global peace. International community must acknowledge the evidence of Indian involvement inside Pakistan to fuel the flames of instability, she added.