China Urges US To Stop Manipulating Taiwan Issue - Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 03rd July, 2023) China calls on the United States to stop manipulating the Taiwan issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday, adding that Beijing would take the necessary measures to achieve peaceful reunification with the region.

On Monday, a US Republican delegation led by Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Kevin Hern arrived in Taiwan for a five-day visit to hold meetings with the island's leadership and discuss bilateral relations.

In late June, US Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley said the US took into account the Chinese government's call for its military to prepare opportunities by 2027 to "unify China and Taiwan." He also noted that US support for Taiwan is aimed at ensuring that Beijing never wants to upset the status quo.

"We want to make every effort to achieve peaceful reunification. But we will never allow any people or forces to separate Taiwan from its homeland. We urge the US to stop vilifying China, stop aggression, and stop manipulating the Taiwan issue," Wang told a briefing.

China has always adhered to the peaceful settlement of issues, Wang added.

In September 2022, CNN reported, citing US Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director David Cohen, that Chinese President Xi Jinping had allegedly instructed his military to prepare to establish military control over Taiwan by 2027. Later, similar assessments were voiced by CIA Director Bill Burns and Taiwanese Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu.

Taiwan has been governed independently from mainland China since 1949. Beijing regards the island as its province, while Taiwan maintains that it is an autonomous entity but stops short of declaring independence. Beijing opposes any official foreign contacts with Taipei and regards Chinese sovereignty over the island as indisputable.

The latest escalation around Taiwan took place in April after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Beijing responded by launching massive three-day military drills near the island in what it called a "warning" to Taiwanese separatists and foreign powers.