How To Capture Pictures Like A Pro Using Your Smartphone

How To Capture Pictures Like a Pro Using Your Smartphone

Gone are the days when capturing flying birds, clicking monuments, and recording vlogs like a pro required expensive and professional DSLR cameras

Lahore (Pakistan Point News - 27th Mar, 2023) Gone are the days when capturing flying birds, clicking monuments, and recording vlogs like a pro required expensive and professional DSLR cameras. Thanks to the phenomenal advancements in smartphone camera technology, users can now shoot high-quality vlogs, capture stunning sunsets with family and friends, and even take the best underwater images using their smartphones.

In fact, the camera has become a key deciding factor for many buyers when buying a smartphone. With the doubling of camera resolution and the addition of high-end features, smartphones are now powerful gadgets that can elevate your modern social media game.

While buying the most expensive smartphone is not necessary to capture the best portraits and videos — knowing the latest innovative features and some tricks can highly benefit you. Here are some of the tricks that can help you capture the best of any situation:

  1. Use HDR

HDR mode, which stands for High Dynamic Range, is becoming more prominent on many smartphones. While shooting videos or capturing images against a bright light, it's usual for the background to be overexposed or the face to be too dark to be identified due to the high contrast between light and dark. Nevertheless, HDR treats the bright and dark parts as separate layers, resulting in a distinct face and background. Using HDR can be handy while clicking pictures in broad daylight or while enjoying our time with our family or when spending time with our friends on a beachside.

  1. Apply The Rule of Thirds

In the rule of thirds, the frame is divided into nine equal blocks that form a three-by-three grid. The most intriguing elements of your image should be placed along the imaginary gridlines where they intersect. Applying the rule of thirds gives the image a natural feel. You'll find it more precise and effective in creating more balanced and aesthetically pleasing pictures. This rule can help you produce great photos while clicking your flowerpot or monument.

  1. Learn about the Powers of your Smartphone's Camera

Most of the time, people with the best features in their smartphones end up not using them in situations of demand. Modern-day smartphones pack innovative features such as Image Stabilization, Natural Portrait, and Vlog Movie that empower users to shoot images and videos like a professional.

The Image Stabilization feature offset shaking by adjusting the camera's location in real-time — allowing the user to get a stable video-shooting experience. With AI changing the game, modern-day smartphones learn about human faces from big data and form the most natural portrait effect revealing one's unique features.

Nowadays, smartphones also have a Vlog Movie feature with multiple built-in video templates for every other situation, such as traveling, picnics, dining, etc., to help users get the best of vlogs with a single tap.

  1. Higher the Resolution, Better the Quality

Pictures with higher resolution are more detailed and thus look more beautiful. Therefore, high-resolution cameras can deliver much more precise and richer photographs. Fortunately, modern smartphone cameras have multiple camera setups to choose the most appropriate resolution for taking high-definition photos. High resolutions, on the other hand, may necessitate more storage space. One must consider buying a smartphone with ample storage options. You may also purchase large-capacity memory cards to store these high-resolution images on your phone.

  1. Use Focus to Blur the background!

Understanding the focus of your smartphone's camera and adjusting it well per the situation can elevate your smartphone photography game to the next level. By simply tapping on the subject in the frame, users can expect the background to go blurry, giving the issue a chance to outstand in the picture. This function works well on all subjects and helps users click aesthetically sound and beautiful images. In addition, this feature can help you stand out in the picture amongst other people in the crowd at parties or stadiums.

Using these tricks, one can certainly up their smartphone photography and videography game to create the best memories without spending a hefty amount on DSLR cameras.

Suggested Smartphones for Best Photography in Pakistan

Among the latest smartphones launched in Pakistan, vivo's V25 Series has earned a much-deserved name for its camera features. Both the vivo V25 5G and vivo V25e pack a 64MP Ultra HD Camera with trendy and innovative features. So, when considering a new smartphone that can fulfill your daily needs and make you click images like a pro, vivo's V25 Series acts as a great option.