Tribal Elders Vow To Supporting Security Forces In Flushing Out Militants From Bajaur Agency

Tribal elders vow to supporting security forces in flushing out militants from Bajaur agency

BAJAURY, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 17th Augst,2016) : Elders of various tribes of Bajaur Agency have vowed to continue supporting local administration and security forces to clear the agency of militants forever, adding that they would not allow anyone to disrupt law and order in the region. They made the announcement during a jirga held here on Wednesday, which was attended by elders and notables belonging to different tribes and areas. The participants expressed satisfaction over the law and order situation in the agency and mentioned that peace and writ of the government had been restored across the agency because of the security force efforts.

The elders said that they will continue supporting the security forces and local administration in fight against militants and anti-state elements in their respective areas. The elders called upon the local people to stand shoulder to shoulder with security forces to ebsure peace in their areas. Peace and writ of the government are necessary for stability and development in the region, adding that they will take all out efforts to maintain peace in the agency.

The tribal elders on the occasion thanked the Federal government for initiating several development schemes in various areas of the agency and lauded the security forces for launching several people welfare schemes in the region. They stressed the need of joint efforts to improve the jirga system in order to restore the peoples' confidence in the mechanism and pledged to work for protecting local customs and traditions, saying that they would not allow anyone to disrupt tribal civilization in the name of reforms in the current system in Fata.

"We will not allow anyone to abolish the colonial law in the tribal areas as the current system was necessary for peace, stability and development in the region," they added. However, the elders stated that they were not against the reforms and amendments in the current governance system in the tribal areas, but the reforms should be according to the wishes of elders not the "immature" political activists.