Punjab Ombudsperson Vows To Free-of-cost Justice For All


Punjab Ombudsperson vows to free-of-cost justice for all

Major (R) Azam Sulaiman has said that the Provincial Ombudsman has remarkable land mark achievement including helpline 1050.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 28th, 2023) Provincial Ombudsman Major (R) Azam Sulaiman on Tuesday said that 95 percent of the complaints received so far were disposed of, vowing that he would ensure free-of-cost justice for all segments of the society.

He was speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday. LCCI President Kashif Anwar presented the address of welcome while Executive Committee Members were also present.

Major (R) Azam Sulaiman said that the Provincial Ombudsman has remarkable land mark achievement including helpline 1050. The institution digitalized and made functional on 24/7 basis. Provincial Ombudsman is synchronized with the Regional Offices of Ombudsman working in all the districts of Punjab and processing and disposal of helpline complaints in a prompt manner.

He said that the Provincial Ombudsman is monitoring and evaluating performance of investigation officer. Provincial Ombudsman has also constructed buildings of regional offices in 5 districts including D.G. Khan, Muzaffargarh, Mianwali, Jhang and Attock which are completed in 2022 and are operational.

He added that the Provincial Ombudsman is resolving the complaints regarding police, revenue administration, local government, housing department, health and education sectors in a winsome manner.

He said that if someone wants to review the decisions of the Provincial Ombudsman, which happens in very few cases, he can appeal to the Governor of Punjab. If there is an objection to the Governor's decision, they can go to the High Court, but the number of such cases is very few. Most people accept the decisions of the Provincial Ombudsman.

He said that the provincial ombudsman not only redresses the grievances of the people but also resolves the issues of widows, affectees of illegal housing societies etc. Apart from this, the maintenance work of all the cemeteries in Punjab has also been done by the provincial ombudsman.

He said that apart from this, the provincial ombudsman looks after the lack of facilities in health sector like unavailability of CT scan machine, Xray etc. Provincial Ombudsman calls the Health Secretary and ensures the provision of facilities in health sector.

Provincial Ombudsman said that if there is shortage of paramedical staff, doctors and nurses, we also play a role as well to get rid of this issue. Provincial Ombudsman also gives suggestions to improve the recruitment process. He said that the provincial ombudsman also plays its role in addressing the lack of facilities in education sector.

He said that the provincial ombudsman is an autonomous body which solves people's problems without any charges. He said that the focal person for the Lahore Chamber will be appointed from today. He said that the applicant have to be appeared.

He said that many people do not know about the working of provincial ombudsman. They don't know that this is an institution that provides free justice. Even if applications are received against government officials, the provincial ombudsman not only conducts inquiry but also punishes.

LCCI President Kashif Anwar said that having ombudsman offices is no less than a boon which helps the common people to get quick redressal or to resolve any problem as soon as possible in case of complaint from any government agency.

He said that the provincial ombudsman office is receiving many cases of harassment. Lahore Chamber has always been raising its voice in this regard because if such complaints of women, who are employed or doing business, are not redressed in time, their career will be affected.

The LCCI President said that clear instructions should be issued by the provincial ombudsman to ensure the installation of CCTV cameras in all such places, offices, shops or factories where women work. In case of any untoward incident, the court or jury will have solid evidence to decide on its merits. It will also make it easier to punish and expose such unscrupulous people. will be able

He informed the Provincial Ombudsman that several help desks of Federal and provincial departments are working under One Window Smart Services in the premises of Lahore Chamber, including SMEDA, Excise and Taxation, LESCO, WASA, LDA, FBR, Labor Department, PESSI, PIA, Punjab Bank, Driving License and other institutions.

The LCCI President said that apart from this, our members are availing the full benefit of NADRA, Passport Facilitation Center and Police Service Center and NADRA E-Sahulat etc. in Lahore Chamber. Lahore Chamber is the only organization in Pakistan which provides its members with so many facilities under one roof. He said that an MOU should be signed between the Lahore Chamber and the Provincial Ombudsman for the establishment of a help desk.

Abdullah Hussain

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