Chinese Company Contracted To Build Pakistan's Largest Airport

Chinese company contracted to build Pakistan's largest airport

This new and emblematic terminal seeks to transform the Lahore airport into a global communication node as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which, thanks to this project, will provide a picture of modernity to the world.

BEIJING, (Pakistan Point News - 11th Jul, 2017 ) : GilBartolomé Architects ́ proposal has been selected among other powerful European and American consortia in a competitive process. The construction works will start on the second semester of 2017. The Spanish company GilBartolomé Architects have designed the new passenger airport terminal together with the Spanish engineering company Typsa and the Pakistani company Asian Consulting Engineers.

The new terminal extension respects the existing terminal building 

One of the greatest challenges involved in the design was the need to incorporate the existing terminal, with a current capacity of 4.5 million passengers per year, integrating it both aesthetically and functionally in the final scheme, and keeping it operative throughout the process of the construction works. In order to achieve this, the existing terminal was planned to remain nearly untouched, building the new extension around it, with a gardened patio which lets natural light inside the building and it is pierced by walkways that connect the old and the new buildings. The result showcases the existing building -built in 2003- and at the same time proposes a coherent whole, and a flexible and functional interior scheme.

The new Lahore airport in Pakistan by GilBartolome Architects will be built by largest Chinese construction company

The Hypostyle hall. A wide contemporary public space for Lahore

It is customary in Pakistan for the family and friends accompanying the traveler to remain in the building until the aircraft takes off, or up to the moment the passenger arrives from a trip, thus turning the airport lobby into a public space which should host great crowds for extended periods of time. This particularity constitutes an opportunity to propose a beautiful and vibrant space for travelers and relatives. Setting functional and security-related issues aside, this has been the primary design goal. The space is 18 meters high, separated in two open levels, and ordered by the structure of pillars holding the roof of the building. The check-in hall allows for the enjoyment of space, which connects to the architectural tradition of the large Hypostyle halls.

An atmosphere of light and vegetation

The lighting design and the incorporation of indoor vegetation were two main issues in this Project. The incorporation of vegetation inside the building produces undeniable positive effects on the users. Such effects include stress and anxiety reduction, improvements in concentration and welfare. GilBartolome Architects has designed a system that combines properly modulated natural light, which penetrates through skylights on the roof, with indirect artificial lighting that emanates from the ceiling. This creates a warm atmosphere and highlights the formal and geometrical richness of the airport


GilBartolome Architects was established in 2008 with the intention of creating beautiful and innovative architecture which would implement advanced design methods and create great spatial experiences for users . The have construction systems and original ideas in the context of competitions for big scale public buildings, in which they have obtained many prizes and mentions. Their design methodology relies on testing and evolving ideas through physical and digital models and prototypes at scale 1/1, in permanent dialogue with the client and contractors