RPT - Iran's Shiraz Would Welcome Russia's Help In Expanding Subway - Adviser To Governor

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 05th December, 2022) Russian companies could be the partner of choice for the Iranian city of Shiraz in expanding its metropolitan subway, Mojtaba Binazadeh, adviser to the governor of Iran's Fars province and the director for cooperation in education and science at Shiraz University, told Sputnik on Sunday.

"I think that any partnership requires trust. That is why, if Russians commit to the partnership regardless of the situation, it will be the best alternative that we have now," Binazadeh said, answering to the question whether Shiraz was going to involve Russian specialists in the expansion project of Shiraz Metro.

The Iranian official also stated that the city would welcome supplies of Russia-produced subway trains and a broader Russian-Iranian technological cooperation in this field.

"Exporters could come to Iran and found companies to share technologies ... It would lead to the establishment of infrastructure that would be the first step toward a long-term cooperation," Binazadeh noted.

The construction of Shiraz Metro began in 2001, with its first line officially commenced in 2014. Iranian authorities has been working on the subway's ambitious expansion project as two new lines are under construction and three more are at the planning and designing stage.