Dr. Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan: A Distinguished Writer Of Women’s Rights In Pakistan

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Dr. Shehzadi Zamurrad  Awan: A distinguished writer of women’s rights in Pakistan


Dr. Zamurrad Awan has gained distinctions by writing a research based book on the status of women of Pakistan which has been duly acknowledged and published by London based Cambridge Publishing Scholars.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 30th, 2022) Dr. Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan has emerged as a distinguished writer of the women's rights in the academic circles of the country.

Dr. Zamurrad Awan has written a research based book titled "Women and Social Change in Pakistan" which has been duly acknowledged and published by London based Cambridge Publishing Scholar.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Dr. Zamurrad Awan who is serving as an Associate Professor in Political Science at Forman Christian College University has come up with the findings on the status of women in the country through the eastern lens.

“This is a research based work through the lens of a woman who is born and raised in Pakistan,” says Dr. Zamurrad Awan while talking to UrduPoint.

The scholar has underlined the challenges faced by the Pakistani women and has provided an effective solution which no other contemporary female writer has discussed.

The writer has highlighted in her book the impact of education, media, legislation, executive measures, political process, and civil society on women’s role and placement in Pakistan.

She believes that the women in Pakistan are in invisible chains as they face public condemnation even when they choose to drive scooties for commuting, if they have no other way to travel.

“The women are hounded with all kinds of slogans and disapproval, and are followed by men which cause them huge embarrassment—a really disappointing fact,” the writer says.

Talking about the women’s problem, Dr. Awan says, “Unless the women are aged with grey hair, they are neither respected nor considered capable of holding top positions at any institution in Pakistan,” pointing out that the latest figures and research work show that women’s overall participation increased but a lot of work has yet to be done if Pakistan really wants to embark on the journey of progress and development.

She is also a Punjabi poetess and has grip over Punjabi language as well.

She believes that misinterpretation of religion and cultural hurdles are the main reasons behind the failures of women.

The writer says, “It is a matter of great concerns that why women despite getting education cannot get jobs of their choices,” The problems, she says, do not end here as the women are also not free in this society.

She has also reflected upon the hard realities of the present society, mentioning that “there is not even a single shop being run by a woman in the local markets like Anarkali, Shah Alam Market and other bazaars like these,”

Dr. Zamurrad thinks that the women actually are not fearful of the fact that if they go to the markets or at any public place, they will face many troubles as the eyes continuously chase them.

“This is discouraging. This is one of the reasons that I have touched the variables which could reshape women placement for their more productive role in society," she argues.

Dr. Zamurrad Awan who has extensive experience of 17 years has represented Pakistan in more than 17 countries including India and Japan and presented her papers on different topics, especially about the women and social change in Pakistan. She has also represented her research work at Hyderabad University of India on the domestic violence and impressed the audience by presenting a comprehensive study of India and Pakistan.

Another fascinating angle of her research is that she strongly believes in inspiring students by enganging them with her research projects. As a faculty mentor, she won a 10-day research project with students for the Liberary of Congress (LOC), Washington, DC. She took the students to LOC Washington DC, where they explored the rich available resources, which greatly influenced their thought process and learning.

In her interview, she mentions, "a taecher or a researcher must realize that they have to leave their legacy behind. This is only possible if they engage students and are committed to train them for international research endeavors under their own supervision. I feel disappointed when in society, my peers do not share any research opportunities with others because of fear that the other person may become more successful than them. This insecurity hampers the progress of society eventually.

Sharing solution to empower the women, Dr. Zamurrad Awan says that only education and equal opportunities for employment can help them get rid of all their challenges. “Solution is quite clear. Educate the women, give them employment and do not obstruct their mobility, so the men could become familiar of their excessive presence in public sphere,” she argues, adding that it is the way to root out injustice and discrimination against the women.

“It is a time that instead of a girl child, we make a male child training our prime focus as without to make men our main focus of training as they are supposed to give due respect mothers, sisters, daughters and even as wives," she added.

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