Around 600 People Take Part In Protest Against Czech Gov't Policies In Prague - Reports

PRAGUE (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 27th November, 2022) Some 600 people gathered in the Letna park in Prague on Saturday to protest short-sighted policies of the Czech government concerning energy, trade and assistance to Ukraine, Czech media reported, citing police estimates.

The rally was staged by a previously unknown group called the National Recovery Council, the Czech Radio said. Its activists were calling on the government to cut utility bills and halt energy export, nationalize underground gas storage facilities and prioritize the sale of home-produced goods. Criticism was also directed at the European Union, NATO and their ongoing assistance to Ukraine.

Some were carrying banners that read "Stop the government," "Stop to Prime Minister (Petr) Fiala, you are warmongers" and "US bases - in the US and there will be peace." The crowd was also chanting "resignation" and "thieves."

According to the reports, the organizers do not have any political ambition behind this gathering. Instead, the National Recovery Council hopes to fix their country's problems and serve as an alternative to the government's course, which failed to guide the Czech Republic out of the energy, ecological and economic crises.

In early September, a study commissioned by the Czech Radio revealed that over a half of Czech citizens do not trust Fiala's government, with 45% saying they were "definitely" dissatisfied with the government's measures against rising energy and food prices.