Dog Show Organized In National Hockey Stadium Proves PHF's Irresponsible Attitude Towards Hockey


Dog show organized in national hockey stadium proves PHF's  irresponsible attitude towards hockey

(Pakistan Point News – 16th August, 2016) : The carelessness of PHF (Pakistan hockey federation) has resulted in drastic situation. Previously hockey suffered great disaster due to the irresponsibility of the federation and now this non seriousness of authorities has badly affected the hockey stadium. The only hockey stadium of Karachi became theater when a dog show was conducted as an event in Abdul Sattar Edhi stadium of hockey.Easter grass which cost crores in Pakistani Currency was ruined under the wheels of bikes.

Bikes were seen running on thee grounds of hockey which were covered by the expensive grass. The minister of sports who was challenging other ministers to perform push-ups is kindly requested to pay attention to the situation of Pakistan hockey which is getting worse day by day, from the failure of players in the hockey grounds to the deterioration of ground itself.