"False Narrative Built To Create Chaos In The Country," Says COAS Bajwa


The outgoing army chief says that the military leadership could do anything except for going against the county.

RAWALPINDI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 23rd, 2022) Outgoing Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that numbers of people criticized the army and a false narrative was created to spread chaos in the country.

The COAS said that the military leadership could do anything except for going against the county.

General Bajwa also talked about army's involvement in the politics, saying that the army earlier this year in February decided to not interfere in politics.”

He stated that the army had initiated its process of “catharsis” and expected that political parties would follow suit as well and reflect on their behaviour.

“This is the reality that there have been mistakes from every institution, including political parties and civil society," he added.

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa also paid tribute to the martyrs of the armed forces and assured their families that the Pakistan Army will never leave the bereaved alone.

At start of his address as the army chief during the Defence and Martyrs' day ceremony at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, General Bajwa apologised for the delay in the Defence and Martyrs’ day ceremony due to the floods.

“Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to the martyrs who are the pride of Pakistan while acknowledging the patience of their bereaved families,” he said, reassuring that the army will continue to fulfill their financial needs.

He also said“I feel proud to have served as the commander of this great army for six years,” General Bajwa said adding that the peace in cities and villages is accredited to the sacrifices of its martyrs.

Touching upon history during his address, the outgoing army chief said that he wanted to “correct” some facts regarding the events of 1971.

“1971 was not a military, but a political failure. Our army fought courageously in East Pakistan,” the COAS highlighted.

General Bajwa, during his address, said that the basic job of the armed forces is to protect the geographical boundaries.

The COAS said that armies around the world are seldom criticised, however, Pakistan Army is often subjected to criticism.

“No single party can take Pakistan out of the current economic crisis,” he said, adding that lessons should be learned from such mistakes so the nation could move forward.

The COAS went on to say that a true democratic culture has to be adopted in Pakistan by eradicating the climate of intolerance.

“In 2018, using RTS as an excuse the winning party was called selected,” he recalled, adding that after being ousted via a no-confidence motion one party named the other as “imported.”

“We need to reject this attitude, winning and losing is a part of politics and all parties should have courage to accept their defeat or victory so that in next election instead of an imported or selected government an elected government is formed,” he maintained.

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a staff member who writes on politics, human rights, social issues and climate change.