New EU Sanctions Against Russia Expand Ban On Import, Export Of Goods - Commission

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 06th October, 2022) The new EU sanctions against Russia expand the ban on the import and export of goods, including steel products, machinery, chemicals, plastics, cigarettes, the European Commission said on Thursday.

"Additional export restrictions have been introduced which aim to reduce Russia's access to military, industrial and technological items, as well as its ability to develop its defence and security sector. This includes the banning of the export of coal including coking coal (which is used in Russian industrial plants), specific electronic components (found in Russian weapons), technical items used in the aviation sector, as well as certain chemicals," the statement said.

The European Commission agreed on almost $6.9 billion worth of additional import restrictions.

"It includes, for example, a ban on the import of Russian finished and semi-finished steel products (subject to a transition period for some semi-finished), machinery and appliances, plastics, vehicles, textiles, footwear, leather, ceramics, certain chemical products, and non-gold jewellery," the statement said.