Crack In The Hub Dam: Increased Risk Of Flood Situation


Crack in the Hub dam: Increased risk of flood situation

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News - 30th June, 2016) : Emergency displacement of residents took place due to the increased risk of flood situation in Karachi resulting from a crack in the hub dam. Due to a crack in hub dam, the water is flowing swiftly towards the slums of Gudap town. the slums of that area are ordered to be freed from the residents whereas an emergency flood situation can be created as the water has entered the empty plots near saadi gardens.

The streams have been filled up due to the recent monsoon rains. 1.5 ft water has been gathered in the empty plots of saadi gardens while the streams around super highway are over flowing excessively because of the poor cleanliness system which can cause a complicated situation. Commissioner Karachi said that he has just gained the power, no work has been done by the previous governments and he has received the finance just four days ago for the cleaning purposes. The residents say that if immediate steps wouldn't be taken by the administration, flood situation is to be feared in the city.