US, Allies Discussing New Military Aid Package To Kiev - Austin

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th September, 2022) US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Thursday that the United States is discussing with allies a new military aid package to Kiev, including training of the Ukrainian military.

"As you've seen us do over time, we have continued to look for ways along with our international partners to provide additional security assistance to Ukraine. Whether this assistance is in the form of actual equipment or other logistical support or training, we continue to evaluate what will be needed and make provisions to provide that security assistance, and so, that will be ongoing," Austin told a joint press conference with Philippine Defense Secretary Jose Faustino in Hawaii.

Austin added that the US will not speculate about the length of the conflict in Ukraine.

"In terms of how long the conflict will last, don't want to speculate either. What I will tell you is that we will continue to support Ukraine, as you've heard our president say, for as long as it takes," Austin said.