UPDATE - Family Sues Quebec Hospital For Mocking Dying Indigenous Woman - Lawyer

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th September, 2022) The family of Joyce Echaquan, an Indigenous woman who died in 2020 at a Quebec hospital as she was mocked by the staff, restrained and left alone, is suing the hospital and the involved staff for C$2.675 million ($1.953 million), the family lawyer told Sputnik

"More broadly, the core of the lawsuit is the fact that, as Joyce was under a medical surveillance order, she was left alone with all her four members and torso restrained, in a dorsal position and without surveillance, later leading to a cardiovascular arrest. That's the cause of death," Patrick Martin-Menard told Sputnik.

Although racism also played a part in the tragedy, and that many committed major mistakes towards Joyce, Martin-Menard said he recommended the family to sue for the circumstances of death.

"We could bring a very, very broad prosecution, targeting a large number of people, but at the end, the cause is very clear," Martin-Menard said.

On Thursday, a day after the second anniversary of her death, Martin-Menard, the legal representative of the Echaquan's family, filed a lawsuit requesting a financial compensation to the amount of $1.953 million, for the loss of Joyce's life at the hand of the hospital staff.

Targeted by the legal action, the Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) of Lanaudiere, and two staffers, namely a doctor and a nurse.

In September 2020, Echaquan, 37, after being admitted at the CISSS of Lanaudiere, streamed on Facebook Live as the nurse and her assistant were making disrespectful comments at her. The mother of seven passed away shortly after.