Bulgarian Politician Throws Red Paint At Russian Embassy Building In Sofia

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th September, 2022) Bulgarian parliamentary candidate Ivan Kalchev posted a video on his social media on Thursday, in which he splashed red paint on the signboard of the Russian embassy in the capital city of Sofia.

The recording showed how Kalchev with a can of paint slowly walked up to the wall of the embassy and threw its contents onto the signboard. All this happened in front of a police officer, whose post is located at the entrance to the diplomatic mission. During the wrongdoer's actions, the officer was talking on the phone and did not interfere in any way.

According to Bulgarian media, Kalchev recently returned to his homeland from Ukraine, where he fought as a foreign mercenary.

Bulgaria, a member of the EU and NATO, will hold early parliamentary elections on October 2, which will be the fourth in less than two years amid a political crisis.

In April, a similar action was held by former deputies of the Bulgarian People's Assembly Nikolay Hadjigenov and Arman Babikyan. Then the police detained both of them and initiated pre-trial proceedings against politicians for hooligan actions. However, the case was closed because the action was qualified not as hooliganism, but as a political act.