"I Would Play On As Cypher Exposed," Reacts Imran Khan To Leaked Audio


The PTI chairman says it's good if they have leaked the audio and thought that the cypher should also be leaked.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 28th, 2022) PTI Chairman Imran Khan said it was a "good thing" that the government allegedly leaked an audio about the US cypher.

Imran Khan said he thought now the cypher itself should also be leaked to the public.

The PTI Chairman accused PM Shehbaz Sharif and his company of leaking the audio.

"It is good that they have leaked it. I say that the cypher should also be leaked now so everyone would know the foreign conspiracy," said Imran Khan while talking to the reporters on Wednesday.

Khan said he did not play on it but he would play on it when they would expose it.

The PTI Chairman's reaction came after the Audio clip allegedly featuring Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan had gone viral.

Both Imran Khan ans Azam Khan were speaking about the US cypher — what he time and again has alleged was a "threat" letter to Pakistan.

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a staff member who writes on politics, human rights, social issues and climate change.