Police Deliver Notice At Residence Of PM'aide Attaullah Tarar


Police deliver notice at residence of PM'aide Attaullah Tarar

Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar has asked Attaullah Tarar to appear before (the authorities concerned if he believes in supremacy of law.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Aug 13th, 2022) The police delivered a notice at the Lahore residence of Special Assistant to Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar in the wee hours on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter at around 3:29 am, Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar while addressing Atta Ullah Tarar wrote, "Atta Tarar you should appear as law is awaiting you. The police have delivered notice today at your residence. If you believe law has supremacy then you should come to Lahore for appearance (before the competent authorities).

Police, however, said that Attaullah Tarar, the PML-N leader and former provincial minister, was not present there at the time of delivery of the notice.

In response to Dogar's statement, Attaullah Tarar addressed the Punjab home minister in a tweet, saying, "Mr Hashim Dogar, I believed you were a minister, but you turned out to be a very non-serious character."

"What do you want to prove by sending the police to a house where I lived 15 years ago?"

He said that if this is your situation, how are you managing the ministry, he continued.

The SAPM asked Dogar to not cross limits in defending the anti-national narrative of his party.

Abdullah Hussain

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