Shoaib Akhtar Who Underwent Successful Knees Surgery Asks Fans For Prayers


Shoaib Akhtar who underwent successful knees surgery asks fans for prayers

The former fast bowler says he is still in pain even after 11 years of his retirement.

MELBOURNE: (UrduPoint, Pakistan Point News-August 8th, 2022) Fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has said that surgery of his knees went well but he is still in pain and asked his fans for prayers for his speedy recovery.

Taking to Twitter, Shoaib Akhtar who is known as Rawalpindi Express has shared a video clip in which he says that his knee surgery has gone well but he is suffering from pain. He says the pain was unbearable even 11 years after his retirement.

Both of Shoaib Akhtar's knees have undergone surgery. He has told his fans that this will be his final operation.

The fast bowler said that he could have played for another four to five years but said that he was aware that if he did, he would become wheelchair-bound. He actually bid farewell to cricket for that reason.

Earlier, Akhtar had said that he had undergone five surgical procedures of a similar nature, it had all been "worth it" for him because representing Pakistan as a fast bowler meant so much to him.

During his cricket career, he said, it was fast bowling that caused damage to his bones, insisting that it didn't matter and that he had done it all for his country. "If I get a chance, I would do it again," he said.

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