Nigeria's Ambassador To Moscow Says African Countries Being Happy With Ties With Russia

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 15th July, 2022) Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Abdullahi Shehu said on Thursday that Nigeria and other African countries are happy with relations with Russia and are looking forward to deepening cooperation in economy and culture.

On Thursday, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art hosted an exhibition dubbed "How I Imagine Nigeria," which was held with the support of Russian oil company Lukoil and the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow.

"The spirit of our partners in this exhibition is the spirit of promoting cooperation between the Russian Federation and African countries. This project allows us to display to Russia and the world the rich African culture and particularly what we have in Nigeria... We have to do this because we know that when we rely on the international media what do you hear about Africa most of the time - it is the reporting of crime and very sad events. In some cases people will think: well, there is no food in Africa to eat. As you can see, the welfare Africans are here, Africans are happy and we are also happy with our relations with the Russian Federation," the ambassador told journalists at the opening of the exhibition.

Shehu thanked Lukoil for supporting the "initiative in promoting our culture." The company is an important partner in the development of Nigerian energy sources, he said, adding that Lukoil "is involved in the downstream exploration of gas and oil in Nigeria" and is "working on one of the gas projects" in the city of Lagos.