Zaheer Ahmed Secures Protection Bail From LHC In Dua Zahra Case


Zaheer Ahmed  secures protection bail from LHC in Dua Zahra case

The husband of Dua Zahra is now facing the charges of kidnapping and child marriage.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 7th, 2022) Zaheer Ahmed, the husband of Dua Zahra and prime accused in the case, secured protective bail from the Lahore High Court on Thursday.

Zaheer Ahmed approached the LHC as father of Dua Zahra speeded up his legal fight against him over charges of child marriage and kidnapping.

Mehdi Kazmi had filed a petition in the Sindh High Court seeking action against Zaheer over the alleged child marriage and rape of his daughter

Kazmin also blamed police over their inefficiency to arrest the suspect when he came to Karachi after being recovered.

However, Zaheer through his counsel told the LHC that he might be arrested as he was accused of kidnapping the girl.

During the hearing, Justice Neelum Aliya inquired about the date of the FIR against Zaheer. Responding to the query, the petitioner's counsel informed that the FIR was registered on April 16.

At this, the judge asked what they had been doing till now and what made them realise that the police wanted to arrest Zaheer.

On it, the counsel of Zaheer said that the investigation officer (IO) had told a local court in Sindh that they wer re-investigating the case. He asked the court to accept the plea for protective bail so that the accused could acquire an interim bail from the trial court.

At this, the LHC granted Zaheer protective bail, and restrained the police from arresting him.

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