Imran Khan Warns He Will Reveal Everything If Harassed


Imran Khan warns he will reveal everything if harassed

The PTI Chairman has urged the nation to break the barrier of fear and join his movement for the sake of country.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 5th, 2022) PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday warned that he would be forced to expose everything if he was harassed.

Imran Khan said hs is silent just because of the national interest.

He stated that he had saved a video in which he had explained everything if anything happened to him.

He was addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The former Prime Minister said that the country was heading towards fascism as baseless cases were registered against him, his party leaders and workers.

He also condemned registration of cases against journalists including Imran Khan Riaz and Adeel. He said many journalists have left the country.

Imran said their workers and leaders who have been running election campaign in various Constituencies are being harassed.

The PTI chairman urges the nation not to be afraid of the tactics being used by the present government. He said fear caused many troubles in the past and people later regretted for not doing anything they could do.

Imran Khan said that the cases are being registered to put the public into fear but it is time to break that fear.

He made it clear that nothing will change if the people did not cross the barrier of fear now.

"These people will huge lause loss to the country if not removed," said Khan, wondering that how they were imposed on the country again despite cases of corruption.

Abdullah Hussain

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