Ramiz Raja Uses Bulletproof Vehicle Due To Security Threat


Ramiz Raja uses bulletproof vehicle due to security threat

The committee members have expressed satisfaction over Ramiz Raja's performance as well as of the team.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 5th, 2022) Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has informed National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination meeting that he has been using bulletproof vehicle due to security threat.

In a two hours long session, the PCB chairman said that he is not a big burden on the board and only used daily allowances, hotel and travel expenses allowed him under the rules.

It was for the first time that Ramiz appeared before any parliamentary committee.

Responding to a question as to why the board had not submitted the auditor general’s report on annual expenses, the former skipper said that it was a government document and available to them at any time.

However, the committee members asked him to submit AG's report on the next meeting. Raja confirmed that AG office conducted audit of the board since 2012 and 13.

“But the members told him to submit the AG’s report himself at the next meeting.” The source said that Ramiz had confirmed that the AG’s office has audited accounts of the board since 2012-13.

The PCB chairman also explained about the team’s performances, future commitments, the PSL and tours by other foreign teams.

The sources said that the committee expressed satisfaction over Ramiz Raja's performance as well as of the team.

Abdullah Hussain

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