Third "Awami Theatre Festival" At Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Is In Full Swing


The spectacular performances of the artists at the festival were well attended by the theatre lovers.

(Pakistan Point News - 4th July, 2022) Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi's third satirical "Awami Theater Festival" in full swing. 22 dramas made a fuss at the festival. Bakray Number One, Mai Naa Mano Haar, Wah Badshah Wah, Mazak Mazak Mai, Ek Almari Teen Beemari, Peekar-E-Mohabbat, Gulab Jaman, Pakeeza Bai, Dil-E-Wati Sambaal, Ee Tu Theno, Chaddar, Sach Bolna Mana Hai, Hal Panhal and Koray Khaab Theaters received the colors of the stage, while the spectators participated in the festival in full force, it should be noted that the Awami Theater Festival will continue till July 7. The comedy-drama Fanny Family, Lo Hum Aaye, Yea Teray Fankar Banday and finally, Sheema Kirmani's dance will also be the part of the theater.