Quetta Literary Festival Comes To An End After 2 Days

Quetta Literary Festival comes to an end after 2 days

The Literary Festival was a huge success as 46 sessions were held and 9 books were launched.

The third Quetta Literary Festival came to an end on Tuesday, and participants vowed to keep promoting cultural values, literature, all languages, art, music, reading books, and other healthy activities by enlisting the help of eminent thinkers, poets, political analysts, and authors.

During the two-day event, which was put on by the Balochistan University of Information and Technology Engineering and Management Sciences, up to 46 different conversations and discussions took place.

The discussions covered the Balochistan water crisis, urban backwardness, issues in Quetta, Balochistan's history of colonialism, urdu, Brahvi, and Pashto literature, a uniform national curriculum, and the role of educational institutions in promoting regional languages, and cultural tourism in the province.

Along with that, nine books on various subjects and poetry in Urdu, Pashto, Balochi, Brahvi, and Hazaragi languages were released.

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