SHC Allows Girl To Go With Husband In Dua Zahra Like Case


SHC allows girl to go with husband in Dua Zahra like case

The father of girl Umme Hani says his daughter is 11 years old and might be sold to a gang.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 28th, 2022) The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday allowed a girl to live with her husband in a case similar to Dua Zahra's.

The court passed the order on complaint of a citizen regarding marriage of 11 years old Umme Hani.

During the hearing, the police produced the couple before the court.

The petitioner said that his daughter Umme Hani was abducted from Hyderabad on May 21. The girl contradicted the statement of her father and said she was not abducted by anyone and married Aftab of free will.

The girl’s school and examination certificates were also presented in the court. According to the school certificates, Umme Hani’s date of birth is 2010 while the age of the girl is 18 years on the marriage certificate.

Justice Junaid Ghaffar who was hearing the case observed that there was a case of disappearance before them now the girl had appeared before the court and recorded her statement, they could not do anything more in the case.

The father said his daughter is studying in the sixth class, these people are mafia, they will sell it.

At this, Justice Ghaffar remarked that there are reservations, they should go to the trial court.

The elderly father said his daughter is 11 years old and feared that she might be sold to a gang.

The case of Dua Zahra also came under discussion.

The Judge directed the girl’s father to follow the procedure as it is, and allowed the girl to leave with her husband after her statement in the courtroom.

Abdullah Hussain

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